Specialising in stretch film manufacturing

Specialising In Stretch Film Manufacturing

We can provide you with polyethylene stretch film suitable for any scenario for packaging and transportation.

  • Clear stretch film
  • Machine stretch film
  • Hand stretch film
  • Stretch film roll
  • Stretch film pallet wrap
  • Clear stretch film
  • Machine stretch film
  • Hand stretch film
  • Stretch film roll
  • Stretch film pallet wrap

Polyethylene Stretch Film Series

We use low density linear polyethylene (LLDPE) and metallocene-based raw materials from ExxonMobil Chemical, Dow Chemical, Borealis Borouge, and Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. to produce stretch film that meets a wide range of packaging and transportation needs.

  • Adopting the world’s advanced automatic seven-layer cast film production line
  • Each roll delivered to you is subjected to rigorous quality testing.
  • Use of high quality LLDPE raw materials and metallocene materials
  • Professional R&D team for product development and technology update
  • OEM&ODM customization to meet your different packaging needs

Specializing in polyethylene stretch film production innovation

Our company has been committed to R&D and innovation for many years, we use advanced production equipment: 800m/min 7-layer cast film production line, which largely increases our production capacity and thus achieves the effect of cost saving, and we have successfully developed a 56-layer nano-film production line with a design speed of 1,050m/min, and the production capacity of the new production line can be doubled after it is put into use. According to different usage scenarios, we can produce high quality stretch film with thickness from 8 micron to 50 micron.

Classification according to the method of use

Machine Use Stretch Film

Adopting high quality raw materials and advanced formula, the stretch film can be applied to all types of automatic balers, including pallet balers, horizontal rail balers, etc.

Hand Use Stretch Film

The weight of each roll of hand stretch film is controlled within 5KG, which is easy to use for manual packaging, and is suitable for bulk or semi-finished product packaging in factories.

Slitting Stretch Film(Mini Stretch)

Slitting film, also known as moving film, commonly used width range: 5-30cm, can be customized according to the use of the scene, can be used with a plastic handle or extended paper tube handle.

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Wide range of applications for stretch film

Our stretch film can be divided into various specifications according to different usage scenarios and needs, and is suitable for packaging and transportation of goods in various fields. Whether you are transporting fruits and vegetables, daily necessities, or need to pack furniture, machinery and electronic products, we have the right packaging solution for you.

  • Pallet packing

    In many logistics warehouses, you can see stretch film wrapped goods, which can be stacked neatly and also prevented from dust.

  • Hand Use Stretch Film
    Cargo Packaging

    The safety of goods in the process of transportation or storage has attracted the attention of the majority of customers, stretch film is a high-quality material for cargo packaging.

  • Packing for moving items
    Furniture Packing

    We often use stretch wrap to protect our furniture from receiving bumps and damage during the moving process.

  • Fruit and vegetable packaging
    Fruit and Vegetable Packaging

    Stretch film is used in the transportation of fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh and safe during transportation.

  • Packaging for electronic products
    Packaging of Electronic Products

    Electronic products need to be packaged with stretch film during transportation to prevent dust, water and other contamination.

  • Pharmaceutical Product Packaging
    Pharmaceutical Packaging

    Stretch film in pharmaceutical packaging can fully protect the quality of the product from the external environment.

Stretch Film Advantages

Puncture resistance
Puncture resistance

Abrasion resistant, not easily punctured, effective protection of packaged items.

Tensile properties
Tensile properties

With excellent stretching properties, it wraps tightly around the item and provides stable protection when packing.


Excellent adhesion, firmly bonds items and packaging materials to avoid loosening and shifting.


Highly stable, it can maintain good packaging for a long time and will not lose its protective function due to external factors.

Selection of imported raw materials

We use Exceed™ XP performance polyethylene, Exceed™ performance polyethylene, Enable™ performance polyethylene and other high-performance raw materials from ExxonMobil Chemical, the world’s leading supplier of raw materials, to deliver superior performance under the same conditions.

Selection of imported raw materials
Rigorous in-house testing

Rigorous in-house testing

Test Items                                                                                                 Test Methods
Stretch Wrap Film Tensile Strength                                                   BBT2004 Method
Elmendorf Tear                                                                                       China Industry Standard Method
Needle Puncture Test                                                                             BBT2004 Method
Melt Index                                                                                                Based on ASTM D1238
Density                                                                                                      Based on ASTM D1505
Highlight Test:                                                                                         China Industry Standard Method

FPT-750 Test: Wrap Force Test                                                           ESTL Test Method
FPT-750 Test: Absorption Test                                                            ESTL Test Methods
Transportation Simulation Test:                                                         Eumos 40509

Quality control

Our company has a strict quality control system, from raw material purchasing to production and processing to shipment, each process is under the responsibility of a person, to ensure that our products meet the high quality standards, and qualified products will be delivered to the hands of customers.

Quality control
OEM&ODM Customization
OEM&ODM Customization

When you have special packaging requirements, we offer a customised product production service to meet your needs and make your packaging more personalised and tailored to the actual application scenario.

Related images
Test item Unit Test method Hand-wrap Machine-wrap Pre-stretch wrap
Thickness μ Thickness Gauge 9-25 9-30 12-30
Haze % ASTM D1003 1.2 1.2 1.2
Gloss60℃ angle % ASTM D523 86 86 90
Tensile strength Kg/C㎡ ASTM D882 MD 280↑ 350↑ 350↑
TD 200↑ 200↑ 200↑
Elongation % ASTM D882 MD 400↑ 400↑ 500↑
TD 600↑ 650↑ 700↑
Tear resistance Kg/cmv ASTM D1922 MD 60↑ 90↑ 120↑
TD 120↑ 150↑ 200↑
Pre-stretch ratio % ASTEM D4649 —— —— 200↑
Cling force g/25cm SWANSON 20-50 30-60 40-70

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch film is a kind of plastic film made of polyethylene material, which can be applied to different application scenarios such as packaging, transportation, etc. to protect the products from the external environment, and can be customized in different colors and sizes according to the different application scenarios, and the stretching rate can be done from 450% to 500%.

What are the uses of Stretch Film?

Stretch Film can be used for packaging, shipping and storage to protect products from damage and contamination. It can also be used to secure and bind items for greater stability and safety during transportation and storage.

What types of Stretch Film are available?

There are several types of Stretch Film, including manual Stretch Film, machine Stretch Film, color Stretch Film, UV-protected Stretch Film, etc. Different types of Stretch Film are suitable for different packaging and shipping needs.

What is the thickness of Stretch Film?

Stretch Film is typically available in thicknesses ranging from 0.015mm to 0.05mm, depending on the application requirements. Thicker Stretch Film provides greater strength and durability, but also increases cost.

Can Stretch Film be recycled?

Stretch Film can usually be recycled, but it needs to be disposed of according to local recycling regulations. Many Stretch Film manufacturers also offer recycling programs to reduce waste and environmental impact.

Can Stretch Film be customized?

We can provide customization services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Customers can choose different options of color, printing, size, thickness, etc. to suit their specific application needs.

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