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  • Poly Bubble Mailers.
  • Bubble Wrap
  • bubble wrap bags
  • White pearl film bubble bags
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Poly Bubble Mailers

Model: Poly Bubble Mailers
Material structure: Outer layer of pearl film, inner layer of LDPE bubble
Regular weight: Outer layer 0.055mm, bubble weight 53g/㎡
Color: Pearlescent white
Minimum width: 50MM
Maximum width: 600MM
Bag style: envelope bag
Applications: packaging and express delivery of daily goods; such as clothing accessories, books and materials, daily necessities, gifts, etc.

Poly Bubble Mailers

Poly Bubble Mailers is a mailing package made of polyethylene material with excellent cushioning and protection of items. It consists of two layers of polyethylene film sandwiched by a layer of bubble film, which can effectively cushion the impact and crush, thus protecting the mailed items from damage.

Poly Bubble Mailers are widely used for mailing various types of items, such as electronic equipment, glass products, clothing, books and so on. It not only protects items from damage, but also enhances the safety and reliability of the items, thus bringing more security and convenience to the mailing process.

Poly Bubble Mailers are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different types and sizes of mailed items, such as envelope sizes, small parcel sizes, large parcel sizes, and more. In addition, it is waterproof, tear-proof and anti-static to protect the integrity of mailed items in a variety of complex environments.

Pearl cotton bubble bags

Poly Bubble Mailers Are Common In Life


Poly Bubble Mailers can protect all types of electronics, such as cell phones, tablets, computer accessories, etc. from damage or collisions during mailing.


Poly Bubble Mailers can protect all types of clothing, such as shirts, jackets, shoes, etc., from creasing or damage during mailing.


Poly Bubble Mailers can protect all types of books, such as novels, textbooks, magazines, etc., from bending or tearing during mailing.

Please Note!

There are several considerations to keep in mind when using Poly Bubble Mailers:

  • Package size selection: Choose Poly Bubble Mailers that are suitable for the size of the items to be mailed; if the package is too large, it will waste materials and may increase postage costs; if the package is too small, it will not provide adequate protection.
  • Packing items selection: Poly Bubble Mailers are suitable for mailing light, non-breakable items, such as stationery, clothes, books, etc. If fragile items need to be mailed, such as glass products, ceramic products, etc., additional protection measures are required.
  • Package sealing: When using Poly Bubble Mailers, make sure that the package is well sealed to prevent accidental opening or damage during the mailing process.
  • Mailing label: Attach a mailing label to Poly Bubble Mailers to ensure that the mailing address and contact information are clearly visible.
  • Ambient temperature: The performance of Poly Bubble Mailers is affected by the ambient temperature. It is recommended that they be used at room temperature and avoid storage or use in high temperature or extremely cold environments.
  • Avoid repeated use: Poly Bubble Mailers should generally only be used once, as the cushioning effect of the bubble wrap will diminish after use and no longer provide adequate protection.
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