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Bubble Envelopes Bags

Model: Bubble Envelopes Bags
Material structure: Outer layer of kraft paper, inner layer of LDPE bubble film
Regular weight: Laminated kraft paper 105g/㎡, bubble weight 53g/㎡
Color: Brown, yellow, white, color
Minimum width: 50MM
Max width: 600MM
Bag style: Envelope type, three-dimensional bag.
Applications: Packaging and express delivery of daily goods; such as clothing accessories, books and materials, daily necessities, gifts, etc.

Bubble Envelopes Bags

Bubble envelopes are a widely used packaging material that provides excellent protection for items during transit. Unlike regular bags, the interior of a bubble envelope is filled with small air bubbles, which create a cushioning effect to prevent damage to the contents.

Also known as padded envelopes or courier bags, bubble envelopes are typically made of kraft paper or polyethylene (PE) and feature an outer layer of paper (in white, yellow, or natural color) and an inner lining of bubble wrap. The outer layer of paper provides a smooth surface that is easy to write on and can be customized with different patterns, logos, and text to meet customer requirements.

The bubble wrap lining, on the other hand, serves as a shock absorber that protects the contents from impact, pressure, and falls. What’s more, bubble envelopes are eco-friendly, as they are made without the use of any adhesives or toxic materials.

With a self-adhesive strip for easy and secure sealing, bubble envelopes are a convenient and safe option for shipping a wide range of items, including delicate and fragile objects. In summary, bubble envelopes are an excellent choice for anyone looking for reliable and efficient packaging solutions.

Air bubble bag

Bubble Envelopes Bags Details

Thickened anti-vibration

Built-in bubble film, reinforced shockproof, transportation and then bumpy can also protect the product.

Wider explosion-proof edge

Bubble envelopes bags on the left and right sides of each 1cm edge, after a multi-pressing process, even if the violent pull is not easy to break.

Self-adhesive seal design

Using high temperature hot melt adhesive, stronger adhesion, sealing using imported release paper, safe design, ready to tear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the goods still damaged in transit when packed with Bubble envelopes bags?

This may be due to the package is not properly sealed or caused by the external environment. To avoid this, you should make sure that the package is completely sealed and that the address label and mailing information are clearly written on the package. In addition, choosing a reliable mailing service provider can also help reduce the risk of parcel breakage or loss.

How to choose the right Bubble envelopes bags?

The size of the bag needs to be based on the volume of the product:
Bag width: width + height + 3cm
Bag depth: length + height + 2cm

Why is there a difference between the product specification and the actual product?

Because the production batch is not the same, the size will exist a little deviation, size error in the range of 0.5cm is normal.

Why is there a gap between product things and pictures?

Because all our product pictures are professionally taken, there will be some color difference due to the angle of the light and the color deviation of the visualizer when shooting, it is recommended that the actual sample color shall prevail.

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