• Foil Tape.
  • Aluminum Tape
  • Aluminum Foil Tape
  • sealing Foil tape
  • waterproof Foil tape
  • Foil Tape.
  • Aluminum Tape
  • Aluminum Foil Tape
  • sealing Foil tape
  • waterproof Foil tape

Foil Tape

Model: Foil Tape
Length: 50m/100m/150m( Customized)
Width: 10~1200mm( Customized)
Thickness: 0.05~0.15mm( Customized)
Paper core diameter: Customized
Substrates: Aluminum foil
Temperature resistance: -10~350℃
Custom Size: OEM,ODM

Foil Tape

Foil Tape is a high-strength, high-viscosity material usually made of aluminum foil, polyethylene and other materials. Aluminum foil is a high-strength, corrosion-resistant material that effectively insulates against heat and electromagnetic waves. And polyethylene is a high-viscosity, moisture-resistant material that can make Foil Tape have excellent moisture-proof performance.
It is widely used in construction, HVAC, automotive and other fields. Its main features include moisture resistance, dust resistance, heat insulation, water resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.

  • Moisture resistance
  • Dust resistance
  • Heat insulation
  • Waterproof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High strength, high adhesion
Duct Foil tape

The versatile Foil Tape that can be found everywhere

Duct repair

Foil Tape can be used for duct repair to prevent water penetration and has very good waterproofing properties.

Automotive repair

Foil Tape can be used for automotive repair and can be used in high temperature and corrosive environments, and has very good resistance to high temperature and corrosion.

Electronics repair

Foil Tape can be used for electronics repair, can isolate electromagnetic waves and static electricity, and has very good dust and moisture resistance.

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Precautions in the use of Foil Tape

When using Foil Tape, the following issues need to be taken into consideration:

  • Surface preparation: Before using Foil Tape, you need to make sure that the surface of the material is clean, dry, flat and free of impurities such as oil and dust, which will help ensure the adhesion and use of Foil Tape.
  • Temperature and humidity: The temperature and humidity range of Foil Tape needs to be selected according to the specific brand and model to ensure its adhesion and effectiveness.
  • Pressure and time: When bonding Foil Tape, proper pressure needs to be applied and maintained for a certain period of time to ensure good adhesion.
  • Cutting and tearing: When cutting and tearing Foil Tape, proper tools need to be used to avoid damaging the surface of the material.
  • Storage and care: When storing Foil Tape, it needs to be placed in a dry, light-proof and ventilated place to avoid long-term exposure to sunlight or humidity. During use, over-stretching and damage to the surface of Foil Tape needs to be avoided.
  • Pay attention to safety: When using Foil Tape, you need to pay attention to prevent safety issues such as cuts and electric shock, especially when using it in areas such as electronics repair and oven insulation.
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