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caution tape

Model: Caution Tape
Length: 50m/100m/150m( Customized)
Width: 10~1200mm( Customized)
Thickness: 0.15mm( Customized)
Paper core diameter: 76mm
Substrates: PVC
Temperature resistance: room temperature
Custom Size: OEM,ODM

Caution Tape

Caution Tape is a warning tool used to mark a hazardous area or place. It is usually made of plastic or paper material and is usually a strip with yellow and black stripes. It can be used in a variety of settings such as construction sites, road construction, and public places.

  • Durability
  • Conspicuousness
  • Ease of use
  • Reusability
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Economical
Construction tape

Common Applications Of Caution Tape

Construction Sites

Caution Tape can be used to mark areas of hazardous construction materials, power lines or other dangerous items to protect workers and others from injury.

Road construction

Caution Tape can be used to mark areas where construction is underway or areas that need to be slowed down to help drivers avoid accidents.

Public places

Such as parks or playgrounds, Caution Tape can be used to mark facilities that need to be repaired or closed, such as slides or swings, to make sure people don’t get hurt.

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Suggestions for using caution tape

The following are some suggestions for using Caution Tape:

  • Choose the right gauge: Before using Caution Tape, make sure you choose the correct gauge, including length, width and material. This helps ensure that Caution Tape will meet your needs and achieve the desired strength and durability.
  • Secure it to the area to be marked: When using Caution Tape, be sure to secure it to the area to be marked to ensure that it will not be blown away by the wind or moved around artificially.
  • Cover the entire hazard area: If a larger area needs to be marked, use multiple strips of Caution Tape to cover the entire area. This helps ensure the conspicuousness and effectiveness of Caution Tape and prevents people from entering the hazard area.
  • Implement safety measures: When using Caution Tape, be sure to consider all safety factors and implement the necessary safety measures. For example, other tools that mark hazardous areas, such as signage and barricades, should be used in conjunction with the construction site to ensure that people do not enter the hazardous area.
  • Follow proper usage instructions: Read labels and instructions carefully before using Caution Tape to ensure proper usage and safe use.
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