General Questions

Q1:How many rolls in one carton box?

It depends on the customer’s requirements, for hand rolls it will be 4 or 6 rolls in a carton, for machine use it will be 1 roll/ctn. You can use pallet packaging without cartons, but this will cause film problems and it may collapse.

Q2:Does this have an opening to put products through it?

Basic on how you are going to use, if you want to make pallet, then you have to hold it one point and wrapping, if you just want to wrap an single item, then just wrap it couple time.

Q3:Will this wrap leave a sticky residue on the items it is wrapping?

No, it is really nice and neat.

Q4:Is this the material that is used on factory sealed video games, and or movies?

It will use in pallet packing or protect the product,it can help you water and moisture resistance.

Q5:Does the handles spin?

No, just turn in your hand or you can use the wrap machine to use it.

Q6:What's the specification?

It depends on customers’. The thickness is from 8mic to 50mic.the width is from 50mm to 2000mm. the biggest weight is 50kg.

Q7:What is the Diameter of the paper core?

The diameter we can do 76mm(3inches),50mm(2inches).38mm(1.5inches).

Q8:Is this stretch wrap blown or cast?

This stretch film is cast.

Q9:Is this like Saran Wrap. Will it seal to keep water out with enough layers added to it?

It can’t seal to keep water, but it can reduce this problem, if you wrap more layers, it will be more better to keep water.

Q10:Would I be able to wrap a few cardboard moving boxes in this to keep moisture out?

Yes, I believe it is. It’s like shrink wrap and it’s really tight when it overlaps.

Q11:Do you need to heat the plastic to be be able to get something wrapped?

No, it will simply assert itself.

Q12:What is the mil thickness?

I would say it’s two to three times thicker than the quality cling wrap you get out of the kitchen. It is very stretchy, but if you wrap it enough times it will do a large portion of the job.

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