Polyethylene Film Manufacturer
stretch film,packaging film,moving film,wrap film,biodegradable film,adhesive tape
Polyethylene Film Manufacturer
stretch film,packaging film,moving film,wrap film,biodegradable film,adhesive tape
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Polyethylene Film Manufacturers in China

Ningbo Hongyan Packing Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of high performance winding film and is a Chinese polyethylene packaging film manufacturing service company and packaging solution design company integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service.
Factory Warehouse
21,000m² Factory
Owens over 21,000square meters manufacturing factory,welcome to visit us anytime.
Annual production
Annual output 18000 tons
5-layer and 7-layer co-extruded film (extrusion laminated film), annual output18,000 tons; dry laminated film with annual output of 300 tons.
44 patents
The company has 44 patents, including: 7 inventions and 27 utility model patents The number of patents 11 inventions were published.
Automatic production line
5 automatic production lines
We currently have 5 fully automatic intelligent co-extrusion cast film production lines and 10 high-speed slitting and rewinding machines

Featured Film Products

The company mainly produces 5-layer and 7-layer co-extruded film (extruded composite film), high-performance winding film, food preservation film, pasture film, agricultural land film, protective film, biodegradable film, solar encapsulation film, lithium battery isolation film, optical film substrate, medical substrate and film, and other series of products. For more information, please contact us.
Machine Use Stretch Film

The winding film is made from LLDPE and metallocene raw materials produced by ExxonMobil Chemical, Dow Dow Chemical, etc. The film has the advantages of high tensile strength, high shrinkage, high puncture resistance, high transparency and high tear strength.

Hand Use Stretch Film

Hand Use Stretch Film is a film made of imported LLDPE raw material with high transparency, high elongation and strong puncture resistance, which is suitable for wrapping outside the pallet and wrapping of scattered and semi-finished goods inside the factory.

Slitting Stretch Film

Slitting film, also called mini film, is commonly used in the width range of 4-30cm, which is generally customized according to customer requirements and can be used with movable handles, paper tube extensions and other methods of packaging.

Protective Film Series

Our protective films are manufactured by the most advanced three-layer co-extrusion machine, which can meet the protection needs of a wide range of products. Our protective films can be divided into electrostatic protective films, anti-static protective films, PET protective films, reticulated protective films and general protective films.

TAPE series

Our company can provide many types of products including BOPP sealing tape, double-sided adhesive tape, paper tape, PVC electrical tape, aluminum foil tape, kraft paper tape, warning tape, cloth-based tape, fiber tape, etc., which can be applied to different scenarios.

Strap series

We produce high quality PP strapping and PET plastic strapping with the advantages of high strength, durability, unbreakability, stretch resistance and weather resistance. They can be customized and are widely used in logistics, transportation, manufacturing and other industries.

Strong industrial base

The company currently has 5 fully automatic intelligent co-extruded cast film production lines and 10 high-speed slitting and rewinding machines; it has international advanced high-precision online testers, tensile testing machines, compressive testers, online simulated packing testing machines and other facilities.
Industrial Base

5 fully automatic co-extruded cast film production lines with design speed up to 800m/min and annual output up to 18,000 tons.

Industrial Base2

With international advanced high-precision online testing instrument, we strictly control the quality and quality of production.

Stretch film application range

Stretch film is a high-performance plastic film material with good stretching and tearing properties, which is widely used in various fields.
Customized To Your Needs

We offer a full range of customization services, from materials, colors and sizes to printing and packaging, providing unique solutions based on customer needs. With years of experience in customization, our team of professionals is committed to providing fast, efficient and satisfactory service to our customers. No matter what you need, we can customize it for you.

How does your company control Quality?

We have implemented a strict and complete quality control system,which ensures that each product can meet quality requirements of customers.

Do you offer the free sample for testing?

Yes,We provide samples for free, but you need to bear the express cost.

Can our private logo/label be printed on the packaging?

Yes,your own private logo/ label can be printed on the packaging upon your legal authorization,we support OEM service according to our clients’ requirement for many years.

How to Start Your Order?

All you need to do is to organize the weight, size, packaging, and customization requirements of the products you need and contact us via email.

Why choose us?

Perfect quality management / Strong production capacity / Diversified customized services / Professional R&D team
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